We do not have a color code! Shopping is too much fun, please pick out what ever color you like!

Tap: All Tap students must wear tights. Younger students can wear dance dresses easily found at Target, Kohls, Walmart, etc. Boys wear t-shirts and athletic pants.
Ballet: All Ballet students must wear tights. Younger students wear the same style dresses mentioned above. Older students need a leotard and dance shorts or dance skirts(above the knee)
Hip Hop: All students generally wear more relaxed clothing, T-shirts, sweatshirts, loose pants, etc.
Pre-Dance & Tap/Hip Hop I & II: Tap shoes and Pink Ballet slippers, Payless or Dancewear Etc.
Pre-Ballet: Pink Ballet slippers from Payless or Dancewear Etc.
All other students: Please get your footwear at Dancewear Etc. located at 699 Mast Road in Pinardville. Call 625-9546 for hours
If you have any other questions feel free to call the studio at 669-1929