I just had to write to tell you how fabulous Lemonade Mouth Dance Camp was this year.  This was Gilli's first time going to dance camp and she is hooked!  She is so sad that it is over and said it went by way too fast! She came home everyday completely exhausted and counting the hours until she got to go back.  Since she only takes ballet class she was able to try all the different other kinds of dance and found out that she LOVES lyrical.  She couldn't stop talking about much she enjoyed all the counselors and Miss Kathy.  The crafts they did were the perfect addition to the week's theme and everything was so wonderfully organized!  I can't believe how many dances they learned in a week, it was a great show!  We now have just one more reason why we love The Dance Studio and its wonderful teachers!
Joy and Gillian Hunt

Just wanted to let you know how much Lauren enjoyed her first year of dance at your school!  We will be returning in the fall and Lauren will be taking 2 classes this time.
Here is what I love about you guys:
Karen is always - even in the middle of a class - saying hello to everyone who walks in the door.  It really makes these little girls feel welcome and loved!
I can sit in and watch Lauren dance - this is part of the fun for me.  Lauren won't be 6 years old forever and I don't want to miss out on these precious times sitting in a waiting room.
Your registration fee includes all dancers in the family and it is only $10 (I think!).
Your dancers are not required to wear specific colored leotards with matching tights.
Your recital for the younger children is about 30+/- minutes long.  We sat at Lauren's recital for almost 4 hours last year (honestly, almost 4 hours) in order to watch her dance for about 2 minutes!
The cost for a class is the same as the cost at other studios.
You are flexible with make-up classes.
You don't charge parents for vacation weeks (ie. in December) so that is really like taking the 2 weeks of cost which most schools charge for off the recital fee; so, ultimately, the recital fee is $24 less than what we pay!
We can bring any number of people to the recital - no purchasing tickets and grandparents who might be on a budget do not have to worry about paying for tickets.  I stood in line on a Saturday morning last year, waiting to purchase tickets to Lauren's show, for just over 2 hours.
Cathy is patient with the class, students receive individual instruction when necessary and she has a nice way of controlling the class (they can get chatty!) without making anyone feel embarrassed.
So, those are some of the reasons why we love you!  We're looking forward to the show this year and continuing classes at your school.
Thanks for your time!
Donna & Lauren Furgal